EP8. Shaun Caldwell Discusses Direct Marketing Wisdom


Revenue Chat with Tony DUrso welcomes Shaun Caldwell. He is a direct marketing expert with progressive experience that’s enabled him to impact profitability and growth objectives for companies for which he has served as a strategic partner.

Shaun says, “your marketing should make the customer, prospect, or partner feel good about doing business with you.”

He shares his strategic focus, judgment, and vision that he’s gained during
a successful career guiding the creation and implementation of branding, design, and promotional campaigns that have generated sustained positive results.

Shaun’s many years of progressive experience has enabled him to impact profitability and growth objectives for companies for which he has served as a strategic partner.

As the owner of Charlotte Print a graphic design, printing, and direct mail company, he has been providing startups to seasoned businesses with direct response marketing services.

case-stickers-1489301-1278x871Prior to launching Charlotte Print, Shaun served as the founder and owner of for Global Marketing Mavens where his efforts were instrumental in spearheading the adoption of internet and mobile marketing for small businesses nationwide.

Shaun Caldwell holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology from Johnson C. Smith University. He is the organizer of one of Charlotte’s largest networking organizations and often mentors small business owners nationwide on branding, design, and promotion.

Get ready for Shaun to tell us the inside scoop on successful direct marketing on Revenue Chat.


  • Direct marketing (direct mail) is on the rise with an increase in $2 billion last year.
  • The risks of relying solely on Internet marketing.
  • Inexpensive ways to get your message to targeted people.
  • The elements of a successful direct mail campaign: list, message, your media, and the actual campaign itself.
  • Percentage of response to expect from direct mail, depending on the type of pieces you use.
  • What’s lumpy mail, and how that gets high response— 20%.
  • How to use direct mail to attract new business.
  • How to use direct mail to build a relationship with existing customers.
  • Advice for start-ups and part time businesses, including who can answer your phones.
  • Some best practices for creating a successful direct mail campaign.


An awesome interview with Shaun Caldwell, Direct Marketing Expert!

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