EP18. Vision Casting & Creating Sales Success by Ken Dunn


Ken Dunn, a prolific author with his greatest work releasing February 2016 titled, “The Greatest Prospector in the World,” says, “Lead with innovation, think with ingenuity, and live with integrity.”


He is an international consultant, speaker, sales trainer, a passionate advocate and blogger for the publishing industry. After spending 14 years in investigative and tactical policing, Ken honed deep organization and leadership skills, and also sparked an entrepreneurial fire that laid deep inside. He founded Next Century Publishing, which is dubbed by Publishers Weekly as one of the fastest growing hybrid book publishing companies in the United States.

He also founded Reader’s Legacy, a platform where authors and book lovers come together to discuss their own virtual libraries. Joe Wikert, a legend in publishing, noted that “ReadersLegacy is to GoodReads, like Facebook was to MySpace.”

These companies change the way people write, read, and experience books through their unique aspects. Ken’s entrepreneurial expertise helps you identify core skills, understand the importance of vision casting, how to create success in sales, and how to lead yourself before you begin to lead others, all right here on Revenue Chat with Tony DUrso.


  • What would you say to others who are looking to form their own start up? Any hardships or lessons you can share with us, and how you successfully overcame those?
  • Validate before you execute. What is that, and how to do it?
  • Once you engage, how to use the power of vision casting to ensure your success.
  • What is the one difference between success and failure in a business?
  • Three reasons to thank your critics. How to use negative people in your life to your advantage to become successful.
  • How can you identify your core skills?
  • How to lead yourself before leading others.
  • What is the most important aspect of the sale?
  • How to find his article, The Three Sales Secrets I Learned Interrogating Criminals.

I loved this interview with prolific author and multiple-business CEO Ken Dunn who says, “Lead with innovation, think with ingenuity, and live with integrity.”

I appreciate your listenership and hearing from you means a lot to me. Feel free to drop me a message.

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